Attention All Big Ticket Promoters, MLMers And Home Business Entrepreneurs!

How Much More Money Could You Be Making If You Had 10-20 New Leads Coming To You Daily, Asking About Your System, Product or Opportunity?

$500/month? $1,000/week? $1,000/day? Maybe more?

We can help you get those 10-20 new leads coming directly
to your phone using the power of text message marketing!

Here’s what you’ll be getting inside the NEW and UPDATED version of Powered By SMS:

New 1-Click SMS Broadcaster

  • No Downloads or Installs Required (Finally, something easy!)
  • Operate from a PC, tablet or smart phone (Lifestyle, baby!)
  • Import and send up to 1,000 daily text messages (Wow!)
  • Get lead and voicemail notifications right on your phone (Awesome!)
  • Effective & efficient 'push button' marketing (You can do this!)

Now, if (ALL) you got access too was the 1-Click SMS Broadcaster tool, you could buy your Powered By SMS v2.0 license right now knowing you just got the deal of the year.


But that's not all you're getting! Act now and secure the following 10 (yes, 10!) bonuses...


BONUS #1: SMS VOICE (Value: $997)

What Is It: All in One phone marketing system that delivers info + builds rapport + pre-qualifies

Where To Use It: Email signatures, postcards, newspaper ads, magazine ads, voice broadcasting, ringless voice drops

Main Benefit: By the time they're reaching you, they know about your offer, who you are, price (if any) so you're able to close / sign up more people as you're spending your time with pre-qualified prospects v/s answering an endless parade of redundant questions from prospects who may OR may not be qualified to buy from you.

BONUS #2: SMS BOOMERANG (Value: $997)

What Is It: A wickedly effective mobile campaign that gives you 3 points of contact per prospects... email + text + phone.

Where To Use It: Everywhere! Online, offline, business cards, on promo materials, youtube videos, Instagram images

Main Benefit: One of the most effective sms 'weapons' we have that triggers instant enagement and connection with your prospect that doesn't require your direct presence.


BONUS #3: SMS BACK CHAT (Value: $997)

What Is It: Carry a real time conversation with your prospect via your phone (text message) or online via your sms dashboard.

Where To Use It: You can text replies via your smart phone (cell phone) off your couch, lounging in the pool or circling Walmart with your spouse. Or you can choose to stay connected via the online option from within your sms dashboard.

Main Benefit: There's MONEY to be found in conversations with your prospects. Granted, not every conversation you engage in will turn into a sale. But that's not the point. The more opportunities that are presented to you to connect with your prospects, the more opportunity you'll have to make more money. Remember, from the old MLM days, your upline would ask, "how many people did you talk too today about Program X"? More conversations = more sign ups = more income for you and your family

BONUS #4: SMS CROSSBOW (Value: $997)

What Is It: This little gem requires a keyword that the prospects then texts (sends) to your mobile number. When they do, they'll get an auto text reply back. You can use this one time auto text reply to give them a link to get MORE info about you, your offer or opportunity.

Where To Use It: Anywhere and everywhere you can advertise a phone number! Most popular choices would be business cards, websites or social media posts.

Main Benefit: If a prospect whips out his or her cell phone to text in a keyword to your mobile number, then that person is an interested lead who should NOT be ignored. You'll have this persons phone # so send them a text message, call them directly and/or follow up using ringless voice drops. (See bonus #5 below!)

BONUS #5: Exclusive Report: How to do ringless voice drops + text message marketing to bring in 1000s of new leads (Those who know how to combine sms + ringless are making some serious money with no extra effort) (Value: $47)

Yes! Software does exist that enables you to drop your 30-45 second voice mail message directly onto your prospects cell phone without their phone ever ringing!

But when you combine voice drops w/i text message marketing, your results go through the roof. Inside this PDF + VIDEO report, I'll walk you through exactly how to use these 2 powerful marketing modalities to create the ultimate offline lead generate campaign for your business, system or opportunity.

(See BONUS #9 for a continuation of this same conversation!)

BONUS #6: How to run a 6-Figure Empire directly off your iPhone or Android (IT'S ALL ABOUT THAT LIFESTYLE, BOSS!) (Value: $47)

With todays technology, NO ONE should feel as if they have no other options but to "grind it out" at the office for 70 hours a week. That, to me, is INSANITY. You have SOOOO much freedom potential sitting inside your phone that you don't even know its there but yet you look at your phone 100 + times a day.

Well, give me about 40 minutes of your time, I'll open your eyes and mind to what's really possible if and when you begin to leverage your smart phone to make you more money.

BONUS #7: How to leverage your own private SMS database (MILLIONAIRE ENTREPRENEUR MINDSET) (Value: $47)

The NEW Digital Real Estate...

It's not domain names, websites or even email addresses! It's CELL PHONE NUMBERS. When you have your own opt-in list of cell phone numbers to market too, you have a wide open door to each and every prospect on that list.

You can leverage text message, direct dial, video text message, messenger, skype, live video, etc... it's available right on your phone!

BONUS #8: How to weave LIVE VIDEO into your mobile funnels for maximum conversion! (Value: $47)

Ok, this is it. If you walk past this bonus, you will be forevering kicking yourself in the buttocks for the rest of your life! Live streams, ladies and gentlemen is where the engagement (ie., money) is flooding too.

And the best part... you need ZERO special equipment to get started. Your cell phone (provided it's say 2016 or newer) is ready to go, as is. Hit the LIVE button on Facebook and your message can hit thousands of people within minutes, if not sooner. Reminding you yet again of the fact that this can be done from your phone, should be making you smile. And if you can't stand being on video, never recorded a video, are shy about video, it's OK. So was I. I'll teach you how to overcome all your FEARS using a few tricks.

BONUS #9: How to use VOICE DROPS that work directly with your mobile funnels (This bonus accompanies Bonus #5 above!) (Value: $47)

You want to be able to leverage your cell phone to make you money? Then pay attention, as this is as good as its going to get right now.

By connecting sms + ringless, you have a dynamic marketing duo that leverages MOBILE MARKETING to the 10th degree!

Car dealerships are minting money with this. So are hair salon owners and golf course operators. The money is your prospects cell phone, people. Best time to wake up to that fact.

BONUS #10: License to Powered By SMS v3.0 Upgrade (Releasing mid-September 2017) (Value: $47)

Just in time for the HUGE Fall Recruiting season! (Fyi, Fall is the BEST time of the year for us home business entrepreneurs!)

Significant mobile enhancements are already under-way including more PHONE / VOICE applications, additional SMS FUNNELS including SMS CHALLENGES, and a bigger broadcasting platform for those of you who want massive sms firepower at your fingertips!

{Limited Time Bonus} BONUS #11: Only Available For The 1st 25 Action Takers - FREE SMS LEADS (Value: PRICELESS)

Can I give you FREE MOBILE LEADS FOR LIFE? Seriously. I really, really, really want to give you FREE MOBILE LEADS FOR LIFE to the tune of 10,000 a month. It's like winning the Clearing House Sweepstakes where you win $250,000 a year for life. But in this case, it's MOBILE LEADS.

However, there is a CATCH. So pay attention... You can't be a slacker. You can't procrastinate. You can't blow this deal off as you did the last 20 other deals you said you were going to do. As this deal will NOT last more than a few days, at most. After 25 licenses have been sold at the introductory price of $297, this bonus will be REMOVED without notice and the lifetime license to 10,000 mobile leads monthly will vanish forever.


Here's What You'll Want To Do Right Now...

YES Tim!I "SEE" the power of text message marketing. It's how my leads, prospects and customers prefer to chat anyways so I may as well be connecting with them where they prefer to communicate.

  • I will take advantage of your limited time pricing @ $297 with no monthly fees.
  • I will get access to the 1-Click SMS Broadcaster along with all the bonuses mentioned:
  • Bonus #1: SMS VOICE - $997
    Bonus #2: SMS BOOMERANG - $997
    Bonus #3: SMS BACK CHAT - $997
    Bonus #4: SMS CROSSBOW - $997
    Bonus #5: VOICE DROP REPORT - $47
    Bonus #6: 6-FIGURE EMPIRE - $47
    Bonus #7: PRIVATE SMS DATABASE - $47
    Bonus #8: LIVE STREAMS - $47
    Bonus #9: VOICE DROPS + FUNNELS - $47

    This is an UNBELIEVABLE package!

    The VALUE is off the chain!

    You won't find anything better!


  • I won't be downloading or installing anything as everything is accessible via the Internet.
  • If I have any questions, I can always reach support via live chat and/or email.


Package Value: $8223 Today's Price: $297 One Time Fee

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